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PublishDate: Sunday, September 13, 2020 15:22

Greek Police Fire Teargas At Refugees Demanding To Leave Burned Down Camp

Clapping, chanting songs and slogans of “Freedom” and “No Camp,” the refugees and migrants have been demonstrating against the authorities.
Almost 13,000 people, many from Afghanistan and African countries, who were holding signs pleading for help from Germany.
The police fired rounds of teargas after the protesters attempted to march down to a road leading to the port.
Officials said the camp residents has started the fire deliberately, angered by the isolation orders issued to prevent the spread of COVID-19 after some cases were reported among the refugees.
Authorities have hastened the process of rebuilding the camp while some unaccompanied minors have been relocated.
French President Emanuel Macron announced on Thursday that France and Germany were talking to accept some on the unaccompanied minors from Moria.


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