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Afghan Actress Chosen as Judge for Indian Film Festival in Spain

The 19th Imagine India International Film Festival Madrid, which has previously been postponed, will take place from September 24th to October 8th, 2020.
About 155 films from around the world are participating in the festival this year.
The jury is made up of 20 members from 10 countries led by Mahtab Keramati, an Iranian actress. 
Afghanistan's Leena Alam will help decide the winner in the Best Actress category at the festival.
Leena Alam, who was born in Kabul in 1978, is an award-winning Afghan film, TV and theater actress who has appeared in films such as Kabuli KidLooriA Letter to the President, and Hassan.
She has also been known as the character Shereen after playing in the taboo-smashing feminist TV drama, Shereen, the first of its kind to have been made in Afghanistan and produced by Kaboora and TOLO TV.
In 1989, Alam and her family moved to America because of the civil war in Afghanistan. She began her acting and cinema career in 1998.
Last year, the film Black Kite directed by Tarique Qayumi was screened at the festival; in which Leena Alam played the role of Jamila.
Imagine India Film Festival Director Qazi Abdur Rahim said, “he hopes the festival would not be postponed again due to the coronavirus.”
Festival Imagine India aim is to "showcase and focus attention on films coming mainly from India, but with some concessions to the other countries of the Indian Subcontinent and rest of Asia, in order to contribute to the better comprehension of Indian Culture, and to the development of more fluid relations among the Indian Subcontinent and Europe," according to festival's promotional material. 
Categories in the festival are as follows:
•           BEST FILM
•           BEST DIRECTOR
•           BEST ACTRESS
•           BEST ACTOR
•           BEST MUSIC
•           BEST EDITION
•           BEST SCRIPT
•           BEST SHORT FILM

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