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PublishDate: Wednesday, June 24, 2020 19:00

Team to Investigate Maidan Wardak Clashes

Emotions ran high on Wednesday inside the parliament with some lawmakers engaged in physical and verbal fights during a heated debate about the recent battles in the province.
According to some lawmakers, during the current month, over 14 people have been killed due to armed confrontation between the local people and the Kochis in the province.
“Children have been killed, copies of the Holy Quraan have been burned...the people are killed there, we have suffered 14 casualties since the start of Jawza (June),” said Mahdi Rasekh, a member of parliament.
Meanwhile, Fida Mohammad Ulfat, head of parliament, said that similar incidents have taken place in Maidan Wardak in recent years and no one took the stage to resolve the disputes between the local people and the Kochis permanently.
He accused certain people in the government who resist finding a solution to the problem.
“A phone call was made from an entity and they opposed the trip of the delegation there to resolve the dispute,” said Fida Mohammad Ulfat, a member of parliament’s internal affairs commission.
“As the honorable lawmaker said, last year we didn’t dispatch a delegation to Maidan Wardak,” said Mir Rahman Rahmani, the speaker of the parliament.
Some other lawmakers meanwhile made statements that the nation's people get united and resolve their disputes peacefully.


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