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PublishDate: Thursday, December 12, 2019 14:44

Afghan Forces Are Seeing 10 Percent Decrease in Casualties: MoI

The Acting Interior Minister, Masoud Andarabi in a session of women’s presence in Afghan security forces’ ranks on Thursday said, “Although the Taliban have increased their attacks by 12 percent compared to last year, but as a result of effective measures taken by security agencies, the number of casualties dropped by 10 percent this year.”
According to Andarabi, the security forces operations have increased 26 percent this year which caused nine districts to be out of Taliban’s control.

However, the acting Interior Minister did not say further details about the number of security forces’ casualties, but emphasized on security forces’ success in defeating Taliban insurgents.
This comes as the Washington Post in a report citied that Afghan security forces had more casualties than the Taliban fighters in the past 18 years of conflict in the country.


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