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PublishDate: Sunday, October 13, 2019 15:18

US has got to withdraw troops from Afghanistan: Trump

Addressing a summit in Washington, Trump said that the US military role in Afghanistan has turned into policing.
“We are policing in Afghanistan but we have been there for 19 years,” Trump said in a speech to the Value Voters Summit in Washington, an annual conference of religious conservatives. “We have got to bring people back home.”
Trump said that US has to focus on other problems like Russia and China.
“We are rebuilding our country. We are rebuilding our military. We do not want it depleted,” Trump said.
Some 14,000 US troops remain engaged in America’s longest war, training and advising Afghan forces and conducting counterterrorism operations.
US held months of talks with the Taliban to end the war before Trump declared them dead last month citing a deadly attack in Kabul.


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