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PublishDate: Saturday, August 10, 201917:29

Interior Ministry Criticized For

Mr. Karim is accused of sexual abuse against female members of the football federation. 
He has been banned from the sport for life and has been fined $1 million by FIFA.
Critics criticized the Ministry of Interior for “failing” to arrest Mr. Karim.
“People had high expectations from the government, but the law was not implemented equally on everyone… This is a violation of the law and it creates anarchism in society,” said Hekmatullah Shahbaz, a university lecturer.
“We demand the government to implement the law equally on everyone. This will boost security and peace in the country,” said Zabihullah, a Kabul resident.
The Ministry of Interior says all relevant institutions have been directed to bring the former football chief to the Attorney General’s Office.
“We have received the Attorney General’s Office letter in this regard and all relevant police departments have been assigned to recognize him [Mr. Karim],” the Interior Ministry’s spokesman Nusrat Rahimi told reporters in Kabul on Saturday.
Meanwhile, Kabul Police Chief Sayed Mohammad Roshandil said the case will be followed by him within Kabul. 
“Some [individuals] have left Kabul before the law is implemented on them. This does not mean that police will not be able to catch them,” Mr. Roshandi said.
This comes after on July 3, On July 3, the Afghan Women’s National Football Team’s coach Kelly Lindsey said that she and players had raised concerns to FIFA and the Asian Football Confederation much earlier but were rebuffed. 
“It’s disgusting that there is no structure to investigate something like this, that there’s no system yet,” Lindsey told Reuters referring to FIFA. 
She said she had lost respect for the FIFA process on such issues and hoped the body was working to come up with a better system, adding, “They cannot continue like this and just let players, coaches, referees be abused behind the scenes and brush it under the rug.”
Late in June, Mr. Karim’s defense attorney said that the former football chief did not appear at the judicial organizations as he does not trust judicial organizations and the Attorney General’s Office.

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