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PublishDate: Saturday, June 1, 201914:11

U.S. envoy for Afghan peace welcomes meeting between leaders of Afghanistan and Pakistan

Ambassador Khalilzad said improved ties between Afghanistan and Pakistan are key to reaching, implementing and capitalizing on opportunities for regional connectivity, integration and development.
He also added that the United States stands ready to assist the Afghan Peace process.
This comes as Ambassador Khalilzad has so far participated in six rounds of peace talks with the Taliban group leaders in Qatari capital of Doha to find a negotiated political settlement for the Afghan conflict.
Similarly, efforts are underway to launch direct peace talks between the Afghan government and Taliban group to end the conflict in the country.
However, the Taliban group has so far refrained to launch direct talks with the government.
In the meantime, the Taliban group leaders have participated in two rounds of intra-Afghan dialogue in Moscow of Russia.
But so far no breakthrough has been achieved to reduce violence particularly to reach to an agreement to declare a ceasefire.

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