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PublishDate: Saturday, October 6, 2018 10:08

President Ghani inaugurates 360-bed hospital in Balkh province

According to a statement released by ARG Palace, President Ghani arrived in Balkh province on Friday morning, accompanying a delegation of high level government officials to inaugurate the hospital and meet with different sects of Balkh.
The statement further added that President Ghani and First Lady of the country visited the maternity hospital site to inaugurate the 360-bed Abu Ali Sina hosspital.
President Ghani also met with the provincial governor Mohammad Ishaq Rahgozar, provincial police chief, provincial intelligence chief, and the commander of 209th Shaheen Corps to review their reports.
According to ARG Palace, senior security and defense officials also presented their report regarding the situation of the northern provinces to President Ghani during a meeting of the Commander-in-Chief which was organized in the provincial government compound.

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