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PublishDate: Wednesday, September 5, 2018 16:47

Badakhshan’s Nusay District Cleared Of Taliban

Badakhshan Police Chief Saber Aryan said Taliban has suffered heavy casualties in the military operation.
He said Taliban are under siege by government forces in a rural village in the district.
“We have tightened surroundings of the villages in Nusay where Taliban still poses threat to security. The reason behind a delay in the military operation is that we want to protect civilians during our mission,” he said.
The police chief said the operation will continue until all threats are removed from the district.
“Our operation will continue until all threats against Nusay district are removed. We have strictly ordered our forces not to let the Taliban to pose threat to security of the district,” he added.
Badakhshan officials meanwhile said some parts of the province are still under threat by the Taliban.
“We have plans on hand to conduct military operations in other areas too,&


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