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PublishDate: Wednesday, July 4, 201818:32

Taliban ‘Reluctant’ to Fight against Afghan Forces in Helmand

The Provincial Police Chief Gen. Abdul Razaq Yaqubi said that after the announcement of the ceasefire, the Taliban members met with Afghan security forces in the province and that their interest in the ongoing war has declined.
The official added that the security forces have launched operations in some regions in the province, adding that the Taliban are retreating from the areas with no serious resistance.
Head of Helmand’s provincial council, Ataullah Afghan, meanwhile, said that currently, the situation demands a large-scale operation, insisting that the security set up should be completed in the province.
Helmand has been one of the relatively volatile provinces of Afghanistan, where the militant groups mainly the Taliban have presence in a number of its districts and often posing serious threats to Afghan security forces

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