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PublishDate: Saturday, July 28, 2018 10:21

Direct talks with US will continue: Ex-Taliban minister

Talks on ending the 17-year conflict would continue at a higher level, Mutasim Agha Jan, said ex-finance minister in the Taliban government, in an interview published on Saturday.
The Daily Times quoted him: “Taliban’s political representatives and American officials met in Qatar. No other side was part of the negotiations.”
Mutasim, who is currently living in Turkey, said: “The talks are currently being held at a lower level. Both sides will proceed gradually.
“When negotiations take place at the highest level, we’ll reach an agreement. I’m confident the Taliban and the US will continue dialogue...”
Asked about the movement’s refusal to talk to the government in Kabul, the ex-minister replied Taliban’s war against the US, not the Afghans. “The Taliban want to end the invasion.”


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