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PublishDate: Saturday, May 12, 2018 19:22

After Tala wa Barfak, Taliban eying Bamyan’s Kahmard

AVA- Two weeks back, the Taliban captured Baghlan’s Tala wa Barfak district that shares border with Bamyan province, leaving nearby districts of Bamyan prone to falling into the hands of rebels.
After Barfak’s fall, senior Bamyan officials including the governor have since been in Kahmard district to support and encourage security personnel there.
Governor Latif Azemi Dastyar told Pajhwok Afghan News during a chat that the fall of Barfak district had worried people and officials in Bamyan, thus a defense line had been created in Khmard district.
He said the attack on Tala wa Barfak district involved Taliban’s special force and more than 600 fighters spearheaded by their shadow governor for Baghlan Mualvi Shams, shadow governor for Samangan Mualvi Qadir and deputy shadow governor for Bamyan Mualvi Sediqullah.
After overrunning Barfak district two weeks earlier, the same group has been planning to attack Kahmard district after strengthening their position in Barfak.
The governor demanded the central government bomb Taliban’s positions in Barfak district so they could not advance on Kahmard.
Azemi said currently the Baghaln-Bamyan highway had been closed in Anardara area due to planted landmines. 


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