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PublishDate: Wednesday, March 14, 2018 15:08

ISIS Command and Control Center comes under airstrike in Nangarhar

AVA- The Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan (MoD) said the airstrike was carried out in the restive Achin district and as a result the communication set up of the group has been eliminated.
MoD did not elaborate further in this regard but the Afghan national defense and security forces as well as the US forces conduct regular operations and airstrikes on ISIS hideouts in this province.
The US military carried out a series of new airstrikes on ISIS hideouts in Nazian district late last week which left at least six militants dead.
The 201st Silab Corps of the Afghan Military said the hideouts of the terror group were targeted in Nakhtar Kand area of the district.
Earlier, the provincial police commandment said at least five militants affiliated with the terror group were group in a similar airstrike in Achin district.
Nangarhar has been among the relatively calm provinces in East of Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliban regime but the anti-government armed militants have been attempting to expand their insurgency activities in this province during the recent years.
The Afghan forces conduct regular operations against the militants in this province as the US forces also conduct airstrikes on the hideouts of the militant and terrorist groups.


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