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PublishDate: Wednesday, March 7, 2018 15:51

Damascus: Syrian Troops Keep Pressure on Terrorists in Eastern Ghouta

AVA-  In the letter, the Syrian government reaffirms commitment to UN Security Council Resolution 2401 and expresses "its readiness to cooperate with positive international initiatives which serve the interests of the Syrian people, especially those which contribute to stopping the shedding of Syrian blood", SANA reported.
"Military operations carried out by the Syrian army and armed forces to eliminate terrorists in the Eastern Ghouta area are lawful in terms of the Syrian State’s right to self-defense and fighting terrorism and in accordance with the international humanitarian law," the agency said.
Damascus urges the UN Security Council to exert pressure on states that support terrorist groups in order to make them abide by the terms of the ceasefire and stop holding civilians hostage.
"Syrian Arab Army helicopters throw leaflets over the villages and towns of Ghouta to inform civilians willing to leave the area about the safe corridor designated for evacuating civilians through al-Wafideen Camp, meantime, the armed terrorist groups, for the eighth day in a row, continued to target with shells the humanitarian corridor set up by the Syrian State and prevent civilians from reaching it," it added.


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