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PublishDate: Tuesday, December 19, 2017 19:23

Pakistan’s ISI Tries to Export ‘Poisoned Dairy’ to Afghanistan

AVA- According to the letter, this factory is producing milk and cream under the brand of two well-known Pakistani dairy companies.

In the letter, the office of MoI Deputy Minister of Security allegedly informed all of its departments and police units that Pakistan’s intelligence agency is mixing a type of “unknown poison” into their products and then they are exporting them to Afghanistan.

Currently, Pakistani products are included in the Afghan security forces menu.

Officials in the ministry of interior have not made a comment about the letter while military experts are calling the issue alarming.

“By using from the products of your enemy, in fact you are harming yourself, because your enemy can poison your units,” Afghan military commentator Zalmay Wardak said.

The Afghan ministry of public health, Firozuddin Firoz, told Ariana News that this issue needs more cooperation between police, local governance, attorney general office and the ministry of public health.

The letter has also worried Afghan security forces personnel since they are using the products with these marks.

“We are calling on the government not to send us Pakistani milk and cream and instead they should provide us with standard and quality products,” an Afghan soldier said.


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