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PublishDate: Sunday, November 12, 2017 11:28

General Dostum to return to Afghanistan soon

AVA- A spokesman for Junbish-e-Millie party Kanishka Turkistani has told BBC’s Afghanistan service that the health condition of Gen. Dostum has improved, his medical treatment has concluded along with some other works in Turkey, and he will return to the country soon as there are no barriers available at the moment for his return.

Dostum left the country for Turkey few months earlier amid ongoing controversies regarding his alleged involvement in the sexual abuse of his rival Ahmad Khan Ishchi.

This comes as reports emerged nearly four months ago suggesting that Gen. Dostum was returning to Afghanistan but his plane was diverted and was no allowed to land in Balkh airport.

In the meantime, informed sources said last week that seven security guards of the first vice president General Abdul Rashid Dostum have been awarded jail terms for their involvement in sexual abuse of ex-governor Ahmad Khan Ishchi.

Sources privy of the development have said the seven security guards of Gen. Dostum were found guilty of the involvement in the torture and abuse of Ishchi by the primary court of the police district of the city.

According to the sources, each of the accused guard has been awarded a jail term of five years for their involvement in the incident.

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