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PublishDate: Saturday, October 7, 2017 16:29

200 Badghis Families Displaced After Taliban Seize Villages

AVA- Residents from at least three villages in Badghis province, in the west of Afghanistan, said the Taliban attacked the area on Thursday evening and torched a number of houses.

The incident, which took place in Sina Ordo, Tagab Rabat and Bai villages in Ab Kamari district, left at least 200 families displaced as public uprising forces tried to fight off the Taliban.

“We had no option but to leave our houses during the evening by walking across difficult terrain. The Taliban took our belongings from our houses when they came to our village. They set fire to some houses (in our village),” said Hafizullah, one resident who was forced to flee.

“Taliban destroyed men and women and burnt our houses and there were some copies of the Holy Quran which were burnt. Where should we go?” asked Mullah Mohammad, another displaced resident.

The displaced families said they are now living out in the open with no shelter.

“All my belongings and my wife were in the house when the Taliban came and set alight everything,” said Bibi Roshan, a member of a displaced family from Ab Kamari district.

“The only reason that the Taliban attacked our villages is that we support government and we would not bow to the terrorists,” said Qari Rahmatullah, a resident of the district.

Mirza Ali Bedar, the district governor of Ab Kamari, confirmed the incident and said at least ۲۰۰ families have fled their homes in search of safety.

He said the district council is doing what it can to help the displaced families.

“Taliban has taken all the belongings of the residents of the villages,” the district governor said. “We are trying to help these displaced families.”

According to residents, the Taliban has also taken control of the villages and are using civilian homes as their strongholds.

The Taliban has not commented on these claims.


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