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PublishDate: Wednesday, September 4, 2013 10:39

UAE is a chance of participation in regional and international meetings for Afghanistan and Pakistan

Afghan-Pak close relationship with UAE presents a chance of participation in most regional and international meetings related to development in these two countries.

Essa Abdulla Al Basha Al Noaimi, ambassador of United Arab Emirates has said his country has played a leading role in investing in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

He was speaking at a reception hosted in honour of East-West Institute delegation and the participants of “Abu Dhabi Process” about “Afghanistan: Reconnected, ” in a local hotel.

The ambassador said UAE is committed to boosting peace and stability in Afghanistan. It is also committed to giving firm international cooperation for its development and to guarantee a future for this friendly country free from violence and extremism.

In 2010, he said two conferences were held in Dubai for investment in Pakistan and Afghanistan. It has development projects serving the human being and economics in the two countries.

The United Arab Emirates is viewed as an important trade partner in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The special relationship bond of the United Arab Emirates with Pakistan and Afghanistan led to a chance of participation in most regional and international meetings related to long term development in these two countries.

Essa Abdulla Al Basha Al Noaimi said this vision is based on the bright stances of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates, His Highness the Deputy President, their Highnesses the Rulers of UAE and H.H. General Sheikh Muhammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of UAE Armed Forces. It also shows the government of UAE commitment towards the principle of joint security and work with the international community for international peace and security and preserving the stability so that to reach the stage of prevailing stability and peace in this region.

He said everyone knows the position held by the UAE in free trade area since it has rich experience in this regard in the past years. In 2011, the World Bank has ranked the UAE as the top third country in the world regarding easy procedures related to trade movements through boundaries.

This is parallel to solid vision of the UAE foreign policy on regional and international level as it has built wide network of mutual interest with countries to serve the cause of development, exchange of expertise and trade and transfer of technology in addition to policy of providing generous humanitarian aid in the economics or development fields directly or indirectly for many countries. It has contributed in peacekeeping missions and protection of civilians and reconstruction work after the end of conflicts.This represents its sincerity in achieving noble goals related to international peace and stability, he said.

The UAE ambassador said based on the interest shown by the government of United Arab Emirates in strengthening the international community’s efforts to make economics security in Afghanistan better and linking it to active and positive relations with the surrounding regime, a chain of seminars under the title of: “Abu Dhabi Process Meeting, Afghanistan Reconnected” have commenced. “We salute the government and hosting nation of Pakistan on holding these meetings during the coming two days.

We also appreciate the generous efforts of East West Institute Ambassador Dr. Beate Meader Matcalf, Vice President and Regional Security Director at the institute in this regard,” he said.
“We also appreciate their Excellencies, the representatives of countries, scientific personalities, academics and media people for participating in these meetings and in this humble welcoming ceremony,” he said.

He said United Arab Emirates is regarded as the ۵th largest country in the world in producing oil and it has ۷th largest gas reserves in the world. It also endeavors to continue working as a reliable and firm source of petroleum to the rest of the world.

Regarding cooperation and discussing issues related to energy and especially the petroleum energy, the UAE is hosting headquarter of International Renewable Energy Agency IRENA. (Pak Observer)


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