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PublishDate: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 13:28

Most of the current challenges in Afghanistan brought by foreigners

To reduce the political, cultural and social challenges, the people should be informed to accept the political parties and the parties activities should be widened.

Mashhad, (AVA)- As the time of presidential election, foreign troops withdrawal and signing security pact with U.S is approaching, questions about the presidential election, election laws and transparency, whether the Afghanistan security forces capable of providing security or not and granting judicial immunity to American troops is being raised.

In this regard, Dr. Jafar Mahdawi, the Kabul representative in parliament, was privately interviewed by Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) as below.

AVA: The Afghanistan parliament considers "Electoral Complaints Commission" as legal institution to deal with electoral fraud but Afghanistan senate demands the judicial system to be vested by the responsibility like the special court that was stablished on the president Karzai order to deal with the electoral complaints in the previous parliament election. Where have these conflicts between parliament and senate taken from?

Dr. Mahdawi: Although there are disputes among three powers in every country, the conflicts among different organizations in Afghanistan take root from political, cultural and social challenges being exacerbated by foreign interferences. The foreign interferences whether regional or international seeking their interests through their puppets in Afghanistan lead the differences to be deepened among MPs; parliament and senate; and parliament and government.

AVA: Which suggestion is more constructive, shifting the responsibility of dealing with electoral complaints to "Electoral Complaints Commission" or to judicial system?

Dr. Mahdawi: Both suggestions have its own benefits and consequences. For example, from one hand, if judicial system is responsible for it, Afghanistan would be led to gaining independence but on the other hand, a great deal of problems will be raising due to wide corruption existing in Afghanistan organizations. Furthermore, if "Electoral Complaints Commission" is still dealing with responsibility, the Afghanistan presidential election transparency will be put at risk since foreigners interfere in the commission approvals.

AVA: Regarding the Afghanistan political system, any crucial decisions for Afghanistan should be approved by parliament before being taken. How do you assess the Afghanistan parliament performance in important approvals during the past 11 years?

Dr. Mahdawi: Afghanistan is being shifted from traditional society to modern one but the democratic policies are not made culture among MPs so they are not expected to do as the advanced countries parliamentarians. Afghanistan parliament is, meanwhile, more active in governmental decision than before and people are accepting it as a legal organization which is accelerated by educated presence in Afghanista.

AVA: How much do the political parties deal with presidential and parliamentary election?

Dr. Mahdawi: To reduce the political, cultural and social challenges, the people should be informed to accept the political parties and the parties activities should be widened. Democratic policies were made culture in Europe after a great number of conflicts.

AVA: How do you find granting judicial immunity to American troops?

Dr. Mahdawi: There are some points leading the case of granting judicial immunity to American troops to be more considered. 1. Afghanistan dependence on the U.S and its allies donates. Issues laid ahead of army and security organizations if $4 billion aids of West are cut put the Afghanistan government and people under mental strain. 2. U.S will aid Afghanistan on condition that its troops are granted judicial immunity. American troops withdrew from Iraq due to not being granted immunity so it would happen for Afghanistan. The point should be borne in mind that there are differences between Afghanistan and Iraq, Afghanistan is dependent on international aids but Iraq is rich in gas and oil resources. 3. Civilian casualties as immunity are granted to the U.S soldiers. 4. The U.S definition of judicial immunity. According to their definition, if a U.S soldier commits an unconscious crime in a formal operation consulted with Afghans, he will be tried in a U.S court; otherwise, he will be brought in Afghanistan trial.

AVA: Why granting immunity to American troops approval was passed to the Afghanistan Loya Jirga in lieu of parliament?

Dr. Mahdawi: Due to being a challenging case, president Karzai tries to free him and specific organizations from the consequences of immunity approval by passing the responsibility of its consequences to all people.


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