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PublishDate: Tuesday, January 17, 201214:09

Haqqani Leader detained in Eastern Khost province

The leader operates an insurgent cell in Nadir Shah Kot di

According to a press released issued by NATO-led International Security Assistance Force, the leader trained insurgent fighters and directed roadside bomb attacks. Two additional suspected insurgents were detained during the operation AOP reported.  

Afghan and coalition security force conducted a separate operation in search of a Haqqani leader in Manduzai district of eastern Khost province, ISAF officials said.

The leader operates an insurgent cell in Nadir Shah Kot district and plans roadside bomb attacks throughout the area.

The source further added, during the operation, the security force observed a group of insurgents burying a 100 pound (45 kilogram) bomb alongside a road. The security force assessed the threat and called for a precision airstrike, killing two insurgents.

Three additional insurgents were detained following the air strike.

The security force confiscated a rocket propelled grenade, multiple firearms and bomb-making materials during the operation.

In the meantime, Afghan and coalition security force conducted an operation in search of a Taliban facilitator in Baghlan-e-Jadid district of northern Baghlan province.

According to ISAF officials, the facilitator makes homemade explosives, constructs roadside bombs and supplies bomb-making materials to insurgent groups throughout Baghlan-e Jadid district. The security force confiscated bomb-making material, multiple weapons and ammunition and detained multiple suspected insurgents during the operation.

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