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PublishDate: Thursday, September 29, 2011 14:47

The whole Rabbani`s life spent to serve the Islam and Afghanistan national interests

Rabbani as a great Islamic theorist helped a lot to introduce the religious-based populism, people rolling, instead of the West Liberalism

 The Rabbani`s Fateheh, praying for dead, ceremony was held Thursday morning by the Afghanistan general consulate in Mashhad and the Khorasan Razawi Bureau for Alliance and Foreign Immigrants Affairs (BAFIA) as hosts in Fighih Sabzawari mosque in Mashhad where the Tebyan political and cultural activities center personnel, Afghan immigrants residing in Mashhad, Afghan cultural activists, religious scholars , charity organizations managers, Afghanistan consul, Parwani, and his colleagues and some Iranian officials including the head of Khorasan Razawi province BAFIA, Ajami, the Mashhad city governor, Mowahediyan, Khorasan Razawi provincial governor political and security deputy, Sardar, a military degree in Iran, Ghaffaryan had attended.

Parwani, the Afghanistan consul in Mashhad thanking Khorasan Razawi province BAFIA for holding such joint Fateheh ceremony to pray for martyr Rabbani and describing the Afghanistan and Iran cultural and religious similarities a lot said Rabbani`s hard working on the way of serving the Islam and Afghanistan purposes particularly his last establishing the country wide peace through the peace process including reconciliation with Taliban have been so remarkable that takes hours to name.
Sardar Ghaffaryan, the Khorasan Razawi provincial governor political and security deputy, describing Rabbani a great Islamic theorist did his best to serve the Islamic interests during the Afghanistan Jihad and resistance time said when Rabbani was the president of Afghanistan after the victory of Mujahedin the West and East superpowers stood against him until they toppled the Islamic government of Rabbani so that they could reach their goal of stopping the Islamic political theories to take powerful roots in Afghanistan.
In the wave of Islamic awakening in the Middle East, mostly Arab countries, and North Africa Rabbani took a important role by offering excellent ideas to guide the wave into right path when he had participated the first Islamic awakening conference in Tehran where Islamic experts and genius from all over the world had come together he said.
Rabbani had a multi-dimensions personality of scientific, cultural, political and Jihad and resistance who spent half of his life studying and teaching.
Hojatolislam Hashemi Orozgani as the final speech maker appreciated Rabbani`s ending-up-with-goodness life and as analyzing his life he said Rabbani`s positive points weighted his negative ones.


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