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The Ramadan month in the words of the deputy of the God deputy

Ramadan a month when the virtuous are invited by the God is a golden opportunity for the Muslims to become closer to the God. To understand the importance of this month no speech can be as fruit full as the words of the great Ayatollah Khamaneie as the supreme leader of the whole Muslims who is the deputy of the God deputy, Imam Zaman, who is promised to come to establish the justice in the World. Below is the summary of Imam Khamanei`s speech made in Ramadan 3rd, 1415 of the lunar year.
In the name of God;
......شهر رمضان الّذى انزل فيه القرآن. هدىً للنّاس و بيّنات من‏الهدى و الفرقان.(1)

Inviting all praying brothers and sister to get most of this valuable time, I ask you to look at these seconds and minutes with open eyes and lit hearts to understand how influential it is to purify the soul and the body since this time is recommended to those wanting to purify themselves.
Faith is the most precious thing you should ask the God to give you. «واسعدنى بتقواك و لا تشقنى بمعصيتك.(2) »
Taghwa, faith, contain every thing, the happiness, the world material, the Afterworld, victory and easing the way for solving the problems. To curb the sexual and material sensations as the inner evils the faith remedy is prescribed by the God.

In the first day of Ramadan I want to talk about the importance of it. Before I tend to Sahifeh Sajaddieh, a praying book in which Imam JafarSadegh`s prayers are collected, I recommend you especially the youth to get more and know more this valuable praying book where every thing are included. Like other praying, Imam Sajad in this pray while having modest talks with the God make so regular speech as if he bring reasons to prove some thing. Most of the prays of this book are so regular as if some one is sitting in front of to approve some thing.
Here is the same story. Imam asks the God to place him in the group of worshipers and virtuous;
«الحمدللَّه الّذى جعلنا من اهله(3)»
The path of salvation are shown to us so we should not forget the God`s blessings. We are recommended to pave the ways the god has recommended. So, Ramadan is on of the ways of worshiping God leading to happiness and perfection. Ramadan month is so appreciated by the God that it is described by the Month of God means it belongs to God. Ramadan when we stand against the inner evils of sexuality and immoralities by fasting can greatly purify us to gain the perfection.
«والحمدللَّه الذى جعل من تلك السّبل شهره شهر رمضان»
Ramadan is the month of Islam means obeying the God orders. To obey the God commands the man stand against all his physical demanding like water, bread and the others so he finds the complete obedience to God.
Ramadan is also defined as the month of purifying means there are factors like fasting, Qran reciting and praying the God help us to purify our spirits. In Ramadan you are served by the fast instead of the physical food.
The more you get from Qran and Fast as the God favors having been placed to feed the people the more purified you can be.
Ramadan is the month of Tamhis means making clean or filtering. Our gold spirit is mixed with small and polluting things of minorities so in Ramadan we distinguish between the gold and the cupper.
The human spirit is as gold and it sometime mix with some impurities so God put worship and fast as tools in order to purifying it. All high reputation of martyrs was result of purifying their spirits by scarifying their life as a great action.
Owing to fast and fight against the evil sensation, purifying our spirits in this month is easier than the way of purifying. Most of the ignorance in society takes root from our committing sins or having immoral habits.
«ثمّ كان عاقبة الذين اساؤا السواى‏ ان كذّبوا بايات اللَّه (4) »
Sin leads to ignorance unless we return to God by asking forgiving. When you do sin, apologizing God and decide not to do it again.
Immoral habits leads human to ignorance more than sins. Not listening to others wise attitudes, not being able to distinguish between right and wrong and power thirsty are the examples of immoral habits leading us to ignorance.
Most of the ignorance people have such these immoral habits.
«كلّ مولود يولد على الفطره.(5) »
Every one has right seeking spirits but immoral habits; some are heritage and some are taught, impurity their spirits.
As a point, I should say the morality scholars, being qualified in morality science, believed we could change our heritage traits.

For example laziness, power thirsty and wrong insisting can be corrected. Those who reject the realities when think about it deeply, they find out it because of not accepting the realities not of their heart since the hearts are genetically divine.
There is the same story about those sand against our Islamic revolution.
Ramazan is a great time to return to god and ask for forgiving; in Abuhamzeh praying book three is a phrase says the sinned stained man comes to the God and says oh the God! I ask you for forgiveness not any one else.
«و اعلم انّك للرّاجى بموضع اجابةٍ و للملهوفين بمرصد اغاثةٍ و انّ فى اللّهف الى جودك و الرّضا بقضائك عوضاً من منع الباخلين و مندوحةً عمّا فى ايدى المستأثرين و انّ الراحل اليك قريبُ المسافةِ و انّك لاتحتجب عن خلقك الاّ ان تحجبهم الاعمال دونك.)6)»
Those including all youth, adults, girls and boys whenever you come to God he is available to you. When you feel miserable come to God and if your tears flow down your face come to this conclusion that the God has forgiven you.
«واسئلوا اللَّه مِن فَضله.(7)»
If you are deserved something, the God surely gives.
«و ليس من عادتك ان تأمر بالسؤال و تمنع العطيّه.(8)»
So, to make the long story short let me say appreciate Ramadan if you like want your spirit to be perfect, your life improved, your children made progress and the spirit of that super man to get blessed.

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