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PublishDate: Monday, August 1, 2011 11:15

Imam Sadegh advice to Muslim Ramadan fasters

While a Muslim is fast, he must keep all his body parts, tongue, eyes, ears, skin and hair away from committing any kind of sins or immoralities similar to the sins.
Fast is beyond not eating from sunrise to sunset but not to tell lying or look at Haram, the forbidden things in Islam.
In Ramadan be like below;
Avoid fighting or challenging each other, talking in the absences of each other, feeling jealous, wrong swearing, offending each other, oppressing each other but do wisely things and say your prayers a lot. Keep yourself away from the evils and being suspicious. Feel as if you are closer to the death since it has lots of benefit to you. Be hope full for the afterworld rewards and make yourself deserve to join Imam Zaman (a.s).

Additional Ramadan faster’s responsibilities;
Be calm and like an obedient servant worship your Allah while hopeful to the Allah mercy and scary of his punishment.
Clean your heart of evil-thought and your body of the dirt.
Prepare your heart and body to like Allah, avoid doing sins and strengthen your commitment to Allah.
As long as a Muslim does the above, he benefit from the right fast otherwise he loses some degrees of the fast Imam Sadegh said.
The Holy prophet advice given to a woman offending
Once a woman in the presence of the holy prophet offended her servant so the holy prophet asked to bring food for woman to break her fast. The woman surprisingly told she had had fast but the holy prophet warned about misunderstanding the definition of fast and said a Muslim who is fast never offend the others Imam Sadegh quoted his father who had heard from the holy prophet.

Source; Raja News, derived fro Mafatih-o-ljenan, with little revising


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