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PublishDate: Tuesday, April 19, 2011 08:31

EUPOL and Victim Support Finland Help Afghan Female Police Officers

EUPOL - uropean Union Police Mission in Afghanistan organised, in cooperation
with Victim Support Finland, a training course for call takers of
Helpline for police women at Afghan Ministry of Interior.

The five day training course, commencing on April 17, will be held in
Kabul. It aims to teach the call takers how to run professionally a
victim sensitive helpline service and how to give practical advice and
support to police women in crisis or traumatic situation and how to
guide women when they like to make an official complaint.

Female police officers can contact the Helpline in situations in which
they are being discriminated against at the workplace, they are
harassed, threatened or they are physically assaulted either because
of their sex or because of serving the police.

Victim Support Finland has 16 years of experience of maintaining and
developing Helpline services. Training Helpline call takers is part of
this expertise. Victim Support Finland provides special service for
the victims of crime with different ethnic background, thus they are
skilled to work in multicultural environment.

EUPOL Afghanistan is committed to build a fully functioning and
professionally run helpline service that is easily accessible to all
women in Afghan National Police who are in need of help because of
serving the police. EUPOL builds the capacity of the Helpline for
Police Women in order enhance chances for female police officers to
work in a safe working environment in which professionalism is
respected and in which discrimination based on gender or any form of
violence against women are not tolerated.

The everyday life of Afghan female police officers is challenging. The
women face discrimination of many forms. In addition to the
unfavourable working environment for women, female police officers
have reported being threatened by the insurgents, the members of their
communities and neighbours because of serving in the Afghan National
Police. Some female officers have decided not to reveal people outside
their families where they work as they would immediately be pressured
to leave their jobs. Some women leave and come back home when it is
already dark outside so that their neighbours cannot see them.


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