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PublishDate: Sunday, May 1, 201112:08

Workshop of implementing higher education programs held

25 million for infrastructure of higher education and increasing the quality.


Workshop of “Strengthening the implementation of programs of higher education institutions in Afghanistan" on Saturday with attendance of the deputy of the minister of higher education, universities presidents and deputies of the center and the provinces universities began to work in Kabul.

Muhammad Osman Babari, the deputy of the minister of higher education and training in relation to workshop of “Strengthening the implementation of programs of higher education institutions in Afghanistan", run for two days, said the presidents of some institutions of higher education by holding this workshop aim to discuss the implementation program of 12 universities and preparing the ground for increasing the value of university education. The university education popularization as an important part of the workshop plays a remarkable role in creating a reformation in the universities. From now on all the universities courses are based on Afghan measures he said. Changes in universities running and creating the sense of positive competition between universities that will lead to improvement in higher education something aimed by this work shop.

Program development, doing research, offering master degree level and making the running system better in universities are what the World Bank has allocated money the deputy of higher education minister said.

Totally 25 million dollars, 5 left from last year and 20 allocated by the World Bank, is going to be spent on improving the higher education infrastructure, training curriculum and making increase in the quality of higher education he said.
The last year minister of high education national curriculum satisfied all the organization related to the education affairs and the ministry of education as well.
The world community by allocating 40 million dollars four years ago spent on building 11 u universities made the most effective contribution in improving the higher education system in Afghanistan and took part in revising the curriculum of universities he added. When the implementation of the second program finishes, the high education system is going to enjoy better situation although without a good state in the economy and development of the country any talk on the higher education is meaningless the deputy of the minister of higher education said.

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