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PublishDate: Tuesday, September 28, 2010 14:26

A group to supervise counting the Afghanistan parliament votes by Afghanistan parliament

It is said this is an answer to the increasing worry about fraud in the September 18th parliament election result. A number of MPs believe the last week parliament poll was not free fraud and fare and called for more exact supervision about it.
The decision of giving supervision on counting votes and adjudicating complains duty to this group was made in today, Monday, parliament public meeting.
These complaining MPs think there should be some laws to help the correct poll idea take root in Afghanistan. They warned about ignoring the use of parliament potential to follow the case of supervising the vote counting.
' Fraud and unfair poll result will cause public protest.' Alemi Balkhi, a MP said
He said,' it is the matter of shame that the municipality of Kabull has asked money from candidates for their picture parliament advertisement. He blamed the municipality on naming him and Mr Ghanoni in some magazine about the false debt they have to municipality. Balkhi called the election a national project not a business one.


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