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PublishDate: Wednesday, April 22, 2009 15:48

ISAF, Afghan leaders meet in Farah

The ISAF leaders met with the sub-governors of Bakwa, Delaram and Golestan districts, the mayor of Delaram, Afghan National Police (ANP) officials and local Afghan elders to discuss the progress of ongoing operations and the future of Afghanistan .
The Afghan leaders said they were pleased with the efforts of U.S. Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force – Afghanistan (SPMAGTF-A) in providing security for the area, and offered suggestions on how ISAF and Afghan security forces can further improve coopration in the future. General McKiernan also listened to requests for development projects such as road paving and improved cellular phone service.
The Marines of SPMAGTF-A have been working alongside the ANP and are conducting operations with the Afghan National Army to ensure security and freedom of movement for the Afghan people. The improved security in the area has enabled the Afghans and Marines to implement several reconstruction projects, including an irrigation system in Golestan, road improvement in Delaram and bazaar clean-up efforts in Bakwa.
Farah Province , Afghanistan -COMISAF General David D. McKiernan (third from left) speaks with Afghan leaders during a meeting at Forward Operating Base Delaram, Farah Province , April 17, 2009.


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