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PublishDate: Sunday, January 11, 200917:11

Palestinian resistance to continue till achieving victory

(IRNA)_  Mash’al whose address was broadcast on Al-Jazeera, said that the Zionist regime has during its 15-day invasion against Gaza Strip failed in achieving any of its objectives. 

He further emphasized, “War in Gaza has not been aimed merely at destroying the legitimate Hamas Government, but aimed at annihilation of the entire Palestinian nation and urging them to yield to a wretched solution.” 

The head of the Political Office of Hamas asked for an immediate halt to the aggressive move of the occupier forces in Gaza , end of the inhumane siege of Gaza, immediate retreat of the aggressor forces and the opening of the entire passages, including the Rafah Passage. 

Mash’al emphasized that the resistance would not yield to any truce talks amid continuation of Israel’s aggressive move. 

He said that the resistance would also never yield to a permanent truce treaty, since the Palestinian nation is after living prosperous lives and the resistance movement would therefore not yield to the presence of any international force within the Palestinian terriroties, since such forces, too, are regarded as occupiers. 

The Palestinian official added, “The resistance forces would disregard any solution that would disregard the right to resist against occupation, or the solutions that would include the need for our disarmament, since the weapons of the resistance force are at the service of defending the Palestinian nation.” 

The head of the Political Office of Hamas referring to the dispatching of a Hamas delegation to Egypt to survey that country’s proposed peace treaty aimed at halting the Gaza catastrophe expressed hope that the move would at least lead to the end of siege of Gaza by Egypt! 

He asked the head of the Palestinian self rule, Mahmoud Abbas to consider the establishment of a joint management comprised of the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, Egyptian and European officers to manage the Rafah Passage affairs. 

Mash’al also asked the West Bank Palestinians to continue their valuable support for their brethren in Gaza and the resistance movement. 

Addressing the Arab leaders, he asked them to thing twice and not to repeat the mistake they recently made regarding the Lebanese resistance movement. 

The Hamas official thanked the countries that have forwarded humanitarian aides to Gaza and asked the entire world nations to continue sending such contributions to Gaza. 

Khaled Mash’al said that the Zionist regime has failed in securing its objectives in Gaza region and that the only target rightly hit by Tel Aviv has been massacring innocent and defenseless civilians. 

He emphasized that Israel that has been broadly propagating about the brutal massacre of the Jews by Adolph Hitler is engaged in a genocide whose dimensions are much broader and a lot more inhumane than the Nazi Germans’ war crimes. 

Mash’al asked the Arab countries to hold an urgently summit and asked the Palestinians to upraise and establish their third Intifada throughout the occupied lands. 

He said that the comments made by some Palestinian and Arab officials regarding the annihilation of resistance in Gaza is truly shameful, since the resistance movement is the pride and dignity of the Palestinian nation and it should beyond doubt be strongly supported. 

The Hamas official pointed out that resistance is the natural right of the nations, asking, “Which nation has ever achieved a precious victory in the course of its history against occupation without brave resistance and dedication of pure blood of its martyrs?” 

Mash’al at the end expressed certainty that victory against the Zionist enemy is near at hand and asked the oppressed Palestinian nation not to lose patience.

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