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PublishDate: Monday, September 7, 2020 13:04

U.S. Came to Afghanistan for its Own Benefits: VP Saleh

During an interview with Tolonews Sunday evening, Saleh exclaimed the US is not in the country to “wipe tears” or reach to those in need in Afghanistan; it came for its own benefits and shall return on its own benefits as well.
The interview came at a time country is expecting the long-awaited peace negotiations between the Afghan government and the Taliban in upcoming days that will determine not only the security but also the future of Afghanistan, with many fear losing achievement of the past two decades.
The Vice President said releasing 5500 Taliban prisoners – a hindrance to the Intra-Afghan talks – were not upon our desire, rather the biggest cost paid to achieving peace in the country.
Now, we are ready to finally sit with the Taliban negotiation team with vision for peace and solidarity in the country, he added. It is on Taliban to give a go signal; Afghan negotiation team is all ready for the talks to be held in Doha anytime.

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