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PublishDate: Saturday, September 5, 2020 14:56

Herat-Badghis Highway Cleared of Taliban

The 170-kilometer highway was closed to traffic in Laman area in Badghis province by the Taliban for the past few days, according to local officials. 
“We will establish military bases in areas where the Taliban poses threat to the people,” said Col. Shir Aqa Alokozai, security officer at Badghis Police Headquarters.
“Ensuring the safety of highways is our mission. All the districts along the highway are under the third bridge of the Afghan National Army,” said Abdul Basir Nuristani, recruitment officer at 3rd Brigade of army in Badghis. 
Some army soldiers said the Taliban does not have the ability to face Afghan forces on the battleground; therefore, they rely on planting mines and closing highways. 
“If they (the Taliban) are not making peace with us, we will not make peace with anyone. We are ready to fight against them if they want to fight, but it should not be in a way that they do. They (the Taliban) disturb the ordinary people,” said Nematullah, an army soldier.  
“We are ready to get command and fight against them,” said Mohammad Ismail, an army soldier. 
According to Badghis Provincial Council, threats have not been removed on the Herat-Badghis highway and that the highway needs more outposts to be established in its various parts. 
“There are two bases in Laman, one from the army and one from the police. There is a need for outposts in three other areas so that the highway remains open to traffic,” said Bahauddin Qadesi, member of Badghis Provincial Council.


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