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PublishDate: Thursday, August 20, 202011:36

Ghani To Taliban: We Have Removed Hurdles, So Accept Ceasefire And Start Talks

On Thursday, Ghani addressed the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces on the 101st Independence Day, as they staged a military exercise at the Kabul Military Training Centre, in the presence of high-ranking government officials.
At the beginning of the exercise, Ghani addressed the forces in a video message, telling them that the government had met all conditions for peace.
“We have met all conditions for a peace with dignity. We have prepared all the conditions for the start of the intra-Afghan talks and we have shown our will and commitment,” he said, referring to the release of the final 400 Taliban prisoners.
“We have repeatedly called on the Taliban to reduce violence, accept a ceasefire and start intra-Afghan talks with the government,” he said.
Ghani said the government was working to establish a peace under which people can work to build and develop their country and no lon

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