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Afghanistan Calls On Turkey To Take Actio

On Monday, a video allegedly showing a group of men posing with the Taliban flag inside the mosque went viral on social media. This came after a similar incident was also reported in the Iranian capital of Tehran.
Foreign Ministry spokesperson Gran Hewad said that the support for the Taliban should be countered in Turkey and Iran for the sake of the Afghan peace process.
“The peace process is supported by the Afghan government and the Afghan people, [they] should support it too and get rid of movements that can harm this process and that appear in these countries,” Hewad said.

The video shot in Hagia Sophia showed men dressed in traditional Afghan clothes and unfurling the Taliban banner, shouting slogans at the mosque’s entrance and then inside the prayer hall.
Hagia Sophia, which used to be a museum was opened as a mosque recently.
The video was posted by Noor Dahri, a U.K.-based researcher on counterterrorism and extremism.
The Afghan government said that it considers such actions, in support of the Taliban, as meddling in the country’s internal affairs.

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