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PublishDate: Monday, August 3, 2020 15:28

Jalalabad Prison Secured, Fighting Continues in Nearby Building

“The attack on Nangarhar prison has ended and the prison is now under the control of Afghan forces,” said Fawad Aman, deputy spokesman for the Defense Ministry.
According to Aman, the building next door to the prison--where the other attackers have holed up-- will also be cleared soon.
Nangarhar governor’s spokesman Attaullah Khogyani also confirmed that the Nangarhar prison attack has ended, with "at least 29 people killed and 50 wounded."
The Nangarhar prison attack ended after almost 18 hours, Khogyani said.
The attack began when a suicide bomber detonated a vehicle full of explosives at the entrance gate of the prison in PD4 of Jalalabad city at 6:44 pm on Sunday.
There are unconfirmed reports that Daesh has claimed responsibility.
The Taliban denies involvement in the attack.
The attack began on the last day of the Eid ceasefire between the Taliban and the Afghan government.


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