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PublishDate: Wednesday, July 29, 202011:59

KTAI Transit Corridor Opens In Herat With Iran Sending Cargo To Kyrgyzstan

Iran officially launched the corridor on Sunday as a short and alternative route for sending goods from the southern ports of the country to Central Asia.
The Herat governor’s office said that the corridor was opened in Herat on Tuesday, with the first shipment of six containers.
Four of the containers were sent to Tajikistan and two are going towards Kyrgyzstan.

The new route opens up the region to trade, allowing freight operators to benefit from significant cost and time savings while transporting goods.
Earlier, Saeed Azimian, deputy director of the Herat Chamber of Commerce and Investment, criticized the government for failing to address the problems with the Lapis Lazuli corridor and Chabahar route.
The traders complained about the lack of infrastructure and reported various problems along the way.

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