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PublishDate: شنبه 14 April 139916:32

Khalilzad, Qataris, Taliban discuss development opportunities in Afghanistan


Khalilzad said in a series tweets that he and Adam Boehler, the CEO of the US International Development Finance Corporation, who is accompanying him during his trip on Afghan peace, met with officials of Qatar Investment Authority and Qatar Fund For Development in Doha.
“We discussed the possibility of co-investing in Afghan projects to consolidate peace and unlock regional prosperity. The potential to amplify investment impact in Afghanistan with like-minded partners is real,” Khalilzad tweeted.
Khalilzad also met with Mullah Baradar the deputy Taliban leader in Doha on Thursday. The group’s spokesman said in a statement that the meeting focused on the Afghan peace process, quick release of prisoners, the commencement of intra-Afghan negotiations, and other related issues.
“We underscored the economic development opportunities that will follow a sustainable peace,” said Khalilzad, “We agreed developing plans in support of peace can never start too early, assuming the two sides can overcome final hurdles on the path to intra-Afghan negotiations.”
Mullah Baradar and his team were engaged and the Taliban recognize all Afghans will have to make compromises in order to draw in the required investment in Afghanistan’s future, the US Envoy tweeted.

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