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PublishDate: Tuesday, June 23, 202016:15

24 Taliban militants killed in Ghazni, Kandahar, Helmand: MoD

In a statement released on Tuesday, the MoD said that the militants attacked a security outpost on Monday in the Isfande area in the center of Ghazni province and faced resistance by the Afghan forces.
As a result, five Taliban fighters were killed and two more wounded in the incident.
In a separate incident, the Afghan forces carried out an airstrike on the Taliban’s strongholds in the Qal-e-Baran area in Qarabagh district of Ghazni which left six Taliban deaths and four wounded, the MoD said.
 According to the statement, the Taliban militants attacked a security outpost at Camp Jegrom area of Kandahar’s Maiwand district on Tuesday night.
At least nine insurgents were killed in the clashes, the statement said but did not provide details on casualties of the Afghan forces.
In Helmand, at least four Taliban militants were killed by Afghan army soldiers.
The Defence Ministry added that the insurgents attacked the Afghan forces while they were patrolling in the Marja district of Helmand on Monday.
The Taliban militant group yet to make a comment about the incidents.

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