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PublishDate: Thursday, June 11, 2020 15:05

Dasht-e Barchi Attack Survivor Says Midwives ‘Silent Leaders’ in Afghanistan

In a heartfelt story on the MSF page, Koochizad explained why midwives were so important in Afghanistan since the country has one of the highest maternal and new-born mortality rates in the world.
In Afghanistan, 638 mothers die every 100,000 live births.
“This does not include the 15 mothers and five unborn babies who were systematically shot dead in the maternity ward where I worked a month ago,” Koochizad writes.
“As midwives in Afghanistan, we bring new life into this country under conditions more difficult than in most,” she said talking about insecurity, the biggest problem faced by pregnant women in the country.

“As midwives in Afghanistan, we are the silent leaders of our country.  We are at the bedside of pregnant women giving birth to the country’s future and we need to be protected”
She recounts the day of the attack and said even though the staff is used to seeing tragedies within the community, they were not prepared for the “horror to come.”
The terrorists entered an area where women are the leaders – the maternity ward.
“They stormed the maternity wing armed with guns, killing pregnant women, new mothers and newb


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