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PublishDate: Sunday, May 10, 2020 12:19

Kabul Police arrest 2 suspects in connection with targets killings

According to a statement released by Kabul Police, the police forces arrested the two suspects during a raid which they conducted in Bot Khak area located in the 12th district of the city.
The statement further added that the police forces also confiscated an Ak-47 assault rifle, 200 rounds of munitions of the weapon and two motorcycles belonging to the suspects.
The police forces are further investigating the detained suspects to find out more about the crimes they have committed.
This comes as criminal incidents involving target killing, armed robberies and kidnappings are on the rise in the key cities of the country including captial Kabul.
The criminal gangs carried out numerous attacks against the citizens of Kabul city as well as the traders during the recent months despite ongoing efforts by police forces to curb the activities of such gangs.


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