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PublishDate: Monday, April 27, 202009:59

ARG Palace reacts as Taliban rejects repeated calls for ceasefire, reduction in violence

Presidential Palace spokesperson Sediq Sediqqi said the Afghan government positively responded to recommendations for reduction in violence and start of peace talks with Taliban by taking necessary measures including formation of negotiating team for the launch of direct talks and issuance of decree for the release of certain Taliban prisoners.
However, Sediqqi said the recent attacks by Taliban indicate that the group is not only committed to reduce violence but continue their violence against the Afghan people.
He also added that the Taliban group insists on continued war agaisnt the Afghan people despite repeated calls by the Afghan government, Ulemas (religious scholars), Organization of the Islamic Council, the United States, NATO and European Union to declare a ceasefire during the holy month of Ramadan.
The Taliban group had earlier claimed that the interests of the Kabul administration, Afghan government, lies with the continuation of war.
“A number of organizations, sides and Kabul administration officials have in recent days repeatedly called upon the Islamic Emirate to either declare a ceasefire or a reduction in violence,” the group said in a statement.
Taliban went on to claim that they have executed all their responsibilities regarding peace and end of hostilities, blaming the Afghan government for creating hurdles for the implementation of the peace agreement by delaying the prisoner exchange process.
The group also criticized NATO and its supporters for failing to execute their responsibilities, emphasizing that “Demanding a ceasefire and reduction in violence at a time when the opposite side is not executing its own obligations is both illogical and opportunistic.”

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