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PublishDate: Monday, April 20, 2020 12:12

World Bank funds to fight COVID19 transferred to Afghan government

The statement writes, “This is the first part of a US$100.4 million grant approved by the World Bank on April 2, 2020 for the Afghanistan COVID-19 Emergency Response and Health Systems Preparedness Project that became effective on April 12, 2020.”

“Additionally, to expedite availability of resources for the Government to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Bank has made available up to US$40 million as retroactive funding to reimburse the Government for eligible expenditures for health services related to COVID-19 pandemic incurred since January 1, 2020,” the statement says.

It also indicates that these costs can be reimbursed by the World Bank as soon as the government provides the list of eligible services and related expenditures.

According to the statement, the Afghanistan COVID-19 Emergency Response and Health Systems Preparedness Project was designed in close coordination with the Government, including the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Public Health.

It further reveals, “The World Bank together with UNICEF, WHO and other Development Partners will continue providing technical assistance and supply of equipment for the successful implementation of the project as part of the Government’s COVID-19 response.”

The statement believes that the rapid deployment of the project by the Ministry of Public Health and other relevant government entities will help minimize the spread of COVID-19 in the country.

The statement concludes underlining the commitment of the World Bank to working closely with the Afghan ministries of public health and finance to safeguard the people of Afghanistan against the pandemic.

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