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PublishDate: Thursday, April 16, 2020 15:05

Ghani fires 3 deputy ministers of public health

The three deputy ministers were dismissed late on Wednesday in compliance with a decree from Ghani, a statement from the Presidential Palace said.
According to the statement, the officials fired are Mamousi Zewar, Fida Mohammad Paikan and Dewa Samad.
Meanwhile, Ministry of Public Health spokesman Dr. Wahidullah Mayar confirmed the dismissals and said newly appointed deputy ministers would start working soon.
An official, who wished to go unnamed, told media Dr. Wahid Majrooh, Dr. Bashir Noormal and Dr. Shafiq Shahim had been appointed as deputy ministers.
Ghani made the decision after a physician, Dr. Saif Rahman Pashtun, claimed he had offered voluntary services to the central laboratory in Kabul as molecular biologist.
The Public Health Ministry, however, rejected his offer and the laboratory chief threatened him.


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