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A large-scale military operation of Afghan forces, dozens of Taliban were killed

During an operation undertaken by security forces against radicals blocking the Cadiz-Kalaya-Nau highway, seven militants were killed and 11 more wounded, the report said.
In addition, five more militants died and six were injured in a premature explosion of a makeshift explosive device.
It is noted that to date, representatives of the radical movement have not commented on these incidents.
On February 29 2020 the United States and the Taliban signed a peace agreement in Doha, which provides for the withdrawal of US troops and coalitions from Afghanistan in 14 months in exchange for the Taliban’s refusal to use the country’s territory to attack the United States and its allies.
The U.S. and the Taliban have been negotiating for several months in 2019.
However, in September, after a series of terrorist acts committed by the Taliban in Kabul and a number of other cities, which also killed the US soldiers, President Donald Trump ordered that negotiations with the Taliban be stopped and the agreement be canceled.
In mid-January, the Taliban sent to Khalilzad a document proposing a temporary ceasefire in Afghanistan for seven to ten days. Then the representative of the Taliban political office in Qatar confirmed the resumption of negotiations between the Afghan radical movement and the American delegation.

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