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PublishDate: Monday, March 30, 2020 13:40

Afghan government to host Taliban delegation in Bagram, prisoners release postponed

According to a statement released by Office of National Security Council, the Taliban group, being supported by Red Cross, is due to send its delegation to Kabul.

The statement further added that the Afghan government will host the Taliban delegation in Bagram prison during which further negotiations would take place regarding the release of prisoners.

Meanwhile, Javid Faisal, a spokesperson for the Office of the National Security Council said the release of prisoners has been briefly postponed.

“There is no prisoner release happening tomorrow. Taliban agreed in the video conference yesterday to send a team to Kabul to hold further technical discussions with the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan,” Faisal said in a Twitter post.

This comes as efforts are underway to release at least 5,000 Taliban prisoners from the Afghan jails following the signing of peace deal between the United States and Taliban.

The release of the prisoners is expected to pave the way for the launch of intra-Afghan peace negotiations aimed at finding a negotiated political settlement to resolve the conflict in Afghanistan.


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