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PublishDate: Monday, March 16, 2020 13:44

Parliament Offers Mediation between President Ghani, Dr Abdullah, Opposed Shutdown

Afghanistan’s House of Representatives expressed concerns about disagreements between President Ghani and Dr Abdullah Abdullah over presidential elections and offered to mediate between the two sides.
The extraordinary meeting of the Afghan House of Representatives was held Sunday with officials from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Immigration, and Public Health. The meeting discussed the fight against coronavirus outbreak and the resolution of disputes between President Ghani and Dr. Abdullah.
Ali Akbar Jamshidi, MP from Dikundi province, said that electoral controversies between Dr Abdullah and President Ghani have disappointed the people.
He called for the House of Representatives to form an influential 5-member delegation to enter talks between the presidential palace and Sapidar to end the political stalemate.
“As long as the electoral controversies and internal tensions persist, there would be no development in the peace process and inter-Afghan talks,” Jamshidi added.
The members of the House of Representatives also opposed the parliament shutdown, stressing that the “political corona” is more dangerous than the coronavirus itself.
Ferozudding Feroz, the Minister of Public Health said at the meeting that “the country’s parliament can be a contagious source and should be closed for at least a month to prevent the coronavirus outbreak.
According to the MPs, however, the parliament shutdown will scare the people more than anything else.
The MPs also noted that the threat of the coronavirus in Afghanistan is not serious and that with the closure of the parliament, there will be a huge panic among the citizens.


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