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PublishDate: Sunday, March 1, 2020 14:03

Iran says US has no legal standing to decide Afghanistan’s future

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has released a statement regarding the signing of an agreement between the US and the Taliban aimed at ending the 18-year Afghan war.
The full text of the statement is as follows:
The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that a lasting peace agreement in Afghanistan can be achieved only through an intra-Afghan dialogue with the participation of political groups in the country, including the Taliban, and in view of the considerations of Afghanistan’s neighbors.
The Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes any development that contributes to peace and stability in Afghanistan and supports the efforts made under Afghan leadership in this regard.
The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that the presence of foreign troops in Afghanistan is illegal and is one of the main reasons for the war and insecurity there. The withdrawal of these forces is essential to achieving peace and security in Afghanistan, and any measure that would provide the ground for the withdrawal of these forces will contribute to peace in that country.
The Islamic Republic of Iran views the US measures as an attempt to legitimize the presence of its troops in Afghanistan, and opposes them. The United States has no legal standing to sign a peace agreement or determine the future of Afghanistan. We believe that the United Nations has the proper capacity to facilitate intra-Afghan negotiations as well as to monitor and ensure the implementation of the agreements reached.
The Islamic Republic of Iran, while respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Afghanistan, is ready to provide any assistance in establishing peace, stability and security in Afghanistan in line with its national security strategy. We hope that the government that will be established Afghanistan will have amicable relations with its neighbors and will be able to eradicate terrorism.


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