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PublishDate: Saturday, February 22, 2020 16:40

ANDSF preparation for implementation of violence reduction

Talking on plan of violence reduction, acting MoI Masoud Andarabi said, Taliban have pledged to prevent suicide attacks, explosions, rocket attacks etc during this period. ANSDF including ANP are totally ready for this stage to defend their homeland.
He added if Taliban attack ANDSF during this period, ANDSF will give them decisive response.
Addressing ANDSF commanders, Andarabi said, your resistance caused Taliban to attend negotiating table and they should know that would not succeed through war.
Violence reduction of Taliban indicates the right cause and Jihad of Afghan people and ANDSF legitimate resistance against them.
The Afghan people consider itself committed to implement violence reduction and ceasefire. Presidential spokesman Sediq Sediqi said, the Afghan government is intensively working on plan of violence reduction and is committed to implement it and for it, discussions have taken place at the level of corps commanders.
A number of civil activists and experts have requested Taliban to agree on announcement


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