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PublishDate: Thursday, February 20, 2020 12:12

Afghan Government to form inclusive negotiating team for peace talks, Arg

Thanking provincial councils’ consensus for peace in the country, the president said women’s role in peace talks has be guaranteed, adding that each members of the Afghan government delegation for peace talks would defend the rights of women, the presidential press office said in a statement.

The president said government would form an inclusive negotiating team for peace talks, adding that rights of the people and the republic system would not be dealt and any decisions regarding peace process to be shared with councils and even the Loya Jirga would be called if needed.

“Peace deal is totally conditional and the reduction of violence to lead into a ceasefire,” the president assured the people, adding that governance process to be continued and people to witness development projects implementation in the future, according to the statement.
The president also assured provincial councils that government would act based on the decisions taken by the Peace Loya Jirga and would share the details with the people. Meanwhile first vice president to the president elect, Amrullah Saleh hinted to importance of the consultative meetings, adding that available opportunities for peace should be greatly utilized.

Addressing the meeting, Amrullah Saleh asked provincial council members to inform the people that government has strict supervision and management over the peace process and all-important peace decisions will be made in line with people’s consultation, the presidential statement added.

Representing others, provincial council head of Zabul, Atta Jan Haq said they were supporting the government’s stance in peace talks, saying that people demand from government to follow the decisions made in Peace Loya Jirga last year. Meanwhile representing women members, Monesa Qaderi deputy provincial council of Badghis asked government to safeguard the achievements made in last 18 years during the peace talks with Taliban.


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