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PublishDate: Sunday, February 16, 2020 23:51

President Ghani meets with Turkish Foreign Minister

The president lauded Turkey’s cooperation with Afghanistan during the past years and said Afghanistan and Turkey enjoy historic, brotherly and lasting relationship.
President Ghani highlighted the investment opportunities in Afghanistan and said Afghanistan as the economic roundabout of the region is willing to build trade and transit ties with Turkey as well as regional and Central Asian countries.
He also extended appreciation to Turkey for its military cooperation with Afghanistan and underscored that efforts of Turkey for ensuring security in Afghanistan can yield fruitful results.
President of Afghanistan termed terrorism a common threat to the countries and in the region and said Turkey plays a significant role in the fight against terrorism within the framework of the Resolute Support mission. He asked Turkey to provide further support for Afghanistan Defense and Security forces.
Foreign Minister Chavushoglu expressed Turkey’s willingness to cooperate with Afghanistan in development areas and continue to support the Afghan forces. He said the Turkish forces will stay in Afghanistan as long as it is needed.
The Turkish Foreign Minister declared support for Afghanistan peace process and said Turkey is optimistic that the process would lead to ending war and violence in Afghanistan.



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