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PublishDate: Monday, February 17, 202000:44

President Ghani: We are fully committed to putting an end to the war in Afghanistan

The president talked over the possible opportunities and risks and said the Afghan government’s main objective is to end the war and ensure a sustainable peace in the country.
He highlighted the importance of the national and political consensus built around peace in Afghanistan and said, “We are willing and fully committed to bringing an end to the war in Afghanistan.”
The president underscored there is a difficult process ahead and it should be handled with rationality and wisdom. He said social and political potentials among Afghans are enhanced enough to enable us to make tough decisions in the process.
President Ashraf Ghani said he would begin consultations with the Afghan Defense and Security forces, various Afghan demographics, civil society, and political strata to keep them informed of the developments and discuss the possible risks and potential opportunities.
Heiko Maas expressed Germany’s commitment to support the efforts of the Afghan government and the United States to bring sustainable peace for Afghans.
He added his country would stand with the government and people of Afghanistan and make efforts to protect the achievements of the past two decades, especially rights of women and children.


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