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PublishDate: Tuesday, January 28, 2020 19:13

War is Not Solution in Afghanistan: Abdullah

Speaking at a gathering marking the 31st anniversary of killing of over 1,000 Afghans in an attack by the Soviet Forces in the Salang district of Northern Parwan province in 1989, Abdullah said that, for the sake of peace, he is ready to negotiate and talk to those who are at war with the Afghan people, referring indirectly to the Taliban.
“The Afghans are tired of the war and there is a need for long-term peace in the country,” said Abdullah amid reports that the US has asked the Taliban to agree to a long-term reduction in violence before signing the peace deal that both sides have discussed over the past year.
“In order to give an end to this pain and suffering, we said that we are ready for negotiations and inclusive talks with those who are at war with us,” said Abdullah. “Those who think that they can end this story through war, and are waiting for the withdrawal of less or more US troops, it is a big mistake and it is a misread of Afghan history and the mind of the people.”
Other speakers at the gathering also urged for a swift end to the war.
In 1989, the Soviet Forces massacred nearly 1000 people in Salang including women and children.


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